Supercharge Your Snacks: Bite-Sized Adventure Awaits

Supercharge Your Snacks: Bite-Sized Adventure Awaits

It’s the afternoon and you’re scavenging through your kitchen to find food to stuff your face with like the trash panda that you are (that we all are). You’re ready to attack your hunger pains with a fork and knife—maybe a sword. If you, like me, are a toddler and need food every 2-3 hours, you understand that now is when productivity dips and your inner zombie come to life. You start walking around your house saying “grainnnssssss” and your pets and/or human loved ones back away out of fear that today will be the day you turn Hannibal Lector. (Fava beans and chianti, anyone?)

Or maybe it’s the weekend and you’ve imbibed one too many adult beverages. Your inhibitions have scattered to the four winds and your deepest darkest food desires have come to the surface. You’re ready to craft some wonderfully depraved concoctions and combinations based solely on vibes.

Enter the snack. The oh-so-glorious vessel with which wrongs can be righted and days/nights can be made. We’re not talking about the standard peanut butter and banana snack or the yogurt parfait moments. Oh no. We’re talking about the supercharged snacks. The ones with bold flavors and a personality unto themselves. The Furikake Chex Mixes, Stuffed Fried Pickles, and Puppy Chow’s of the world.

Not sure where to start? The Spruce Eats has you covered. Sweet, savory, salty, sour, and/or umami, we encourage, nay, implore you to explore this food category and fully embrace it as the unsung hero of the day. 

Snacking is the perfect food-focused journey. One that is personal to who you are and where you’re only limited by your imagination and resourcefulness. It’s a great way to try a variety of new flavor combinations without having to commit to an entire meal. And, we editors love to use this opportunity to supercharge our snacks and head off on a bite-sized adventure. So come with us and let your snack freak flag fly!

Victoria Heydt, Editorial Project Manager

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Supercharge Your Snacks: Bite-Sized Adventure Awaits

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Supercharge Your Snacks: Bite-Sized Adventure Awaits

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